Fire door和Fireproof rolling shutter doorThe difference between Fire door and Fireproof rolling shutter door

Fire fighting equipment is an important guarantee for the unit to improve its own fire resistance ability, adhere to its outstanding condition, related to whether the fire can be predicted in time, whether it can be controlled in a timely and effective manner, and whether it can provide assistance for personnel dispersion and rescue rescue actions. This paper mainly introduces the basic concepts, operation principles, usage methods and operation requirements of common Fire fighting equipment -Fire door and Fire shutter.

Fire door

Fire prevention steel door refers to a door that can satisfy the requirements of fire stability, integrity and heat insulation together with the structure within a certain period of time. It is generally set on the Fire prevention partition wall, scattered stairwells, straight shafts, etc.

1. Composition of Fire door

The Fire door is composed of a Door frame, a panel (filled with insulation material), Fire prevention hardware, and a magnetic door suction. The Door leaf is connected by a hinge. The Door is equipped with a door closing device and a Fire prevention lock. The double door has the mobilization of a hidden latch (mounted on the side of the Immobilization fan) and a positioning device to prevent the overlap of the middle seam of the Door leaf. The Fire detector and fire linkage control system are connected with the Fire door.

2.Fire door classification

By raw materials: wood Fire door, steelyFire door, steel and wood Fire door, other raw materials Fire door; According to the number of Door leaf points: single Fire door, double Fire door, multiple Fire door; Divided by structure type: Fire door with Fire prevention glass on Door leaf, Fire doorDoor frame with single notch and double notch, Fire door with illuminated window, inorganic glass Fire door; According to the opening and closing conditions: usually open Fire door, usually closed Fire door; According to Fire resistance: insulated Fire door (Class A), partially insulated Fire door (Class B), non-insulated fire door (Class C).

3.Fire door control

Normally open Fire door and normally closed Fire door are open to the decentralized direction, single Fire door device one release device and one single linkage module, double door device two Fire door release devices and two single linkage modules. After the Fire detector on either side of the Fire door alarms, it reports to the Fire alarm operator through the bus, and the fire alarm operator announces the cloth action command to the Fire door linkage module. The linkage module drives the release device to make the release action, and the released Fire door is automatically closed under the elastic effect of the door close device. At the same time, the Fire door release device input the Fire door status signal into the single linkage module, and then send it to the fire control room through the alarm bus.

2. Fire shutter

Fire shutter refers to a shutter that, together with its structure, can satisfy the requirements of fire integrity within a certain period of time. Fire shutter is a Fire prevention divider. The straight-rolled Fire shutter is usually rolled up and placed in a rotating axle box above the door and window openings. When a fire starts, it should be lowered and opened to prevent the fire from extending from the door and window openings. Fire shutter is generally set around the escalator, the opening part that connects the atrium with the walkway, hall and room on each floor, and the part where Fire prevention dividers need to be installed instead of the Fire prevention wall.

1. Compose the Fire shutter

Fire shutter is composed of curtain plate, seat plate, guide rail, support, reel, box, control box, door roller, limiter, door lintel, manual quick release and close equipment, push button switch and safety equipment. The devices connected with Fire shutter include smoke sensing, temperature sensing and fire linkage control system.

2. Classify the Fire shutter

Fire shutter can be divided into ordinary typesteely Fire shutter (Fire resistance ≧2h), compound typesteely Fire shutter (fire resistance ≧3h) and special Fire shutter according to its fire resistance limit (Fire resistance limit ≧4h), when the ordinary typesteely Fire shutter is used for Fire prevention separation, the fire shutter should be maintained by an active sprinkler resuscating system.

3. Fire shutter control

Active control: After the Fire detector is activated, the Fire shutter used as the Fire prevention separator will be lowered in the case of linkage; Used as the Fire shutter on the dispersion channel, the roller shutter is first lowered to 1.8m above the ground, and then lowered after the other temperature detector is activated.

Mechanical operation: first take out the chain, pull down the chain on the side of the rolling curtain, the rolling curtain will fall; Pull the other chain down, and the curtain rises up.

Manual operation: Open the manual operation box located on both sides of the curtain or adjacent construction components, press the "up" (or marked with "Δ" graph) button, the curtain will roll up, press the "down" (or marked with "" graph) button, the curtain will fall; Press the key in the middle, the curtain will stop working; The other is: press the manual construction corresponding to the control module that drives the shutter door down in the fire control room, and the cloth reaction signal will be announced to the fire control room when the shutter reaches the specified position.