Fireproof rolling shutter doors are separated by mechanical Fire prevention function

Fire shutter relies on mechanical action to complete its Fire prevention and separation function, while mechanical equipment has a certain failure rate. If the user's management is not good, and the repair is not timely, etc., a single failure may occur during the fire outbreak, and the opening size is very large. So its safety and reliability is not as high as the wall and Fire door. Therefore, the Fire prevention standard specifies clear and detailed restrictions on its application site: It is used to close the opening on the floor, the door of the front room dedicated to the Fire elevator, the connection between the atrium corridor and other areas, and the special Fire shutter or general Fire can be used when it is really difficult to distinguish the Fire prevention area with the Fire prevention wall shutter water curtain maintenance is different. In the planning of the project, these rules should be strictly observed, and the Scope of use should not be arbitrarily expanded, and the Fire shutter should not be used to "replace" the Fire prevention wall or partition wall.

Fireproof rolling shutter door adopts the two-step bottom control method, and the alarm and action signals should be sent to the Fire control room respectively, and emergency control methods should be adopted in the special Fire shutter. When the smoke detector set in front of the fast Fireproof rolling shutter door announces the signal, the automatic alarm panel on the operating table of the Fire control room shall announce the sound and light signal, automatically record the fire time, flash the fire location, and receive the action signal together with the Fire prevention door. Descend to the reserved height and reflect the rolling shutter door in place on the operating table flash panel in the fire control room. After the rolling motor of the rolling shutter door rolls over, the reduction gear drives the limiter gear to make the screw roll over, and the ram moves along the screw axis to touch the micro-switch located in the corresponding position to switch on the signal power supply at the middle and bottom of the rolling shutter door. If the automatic alarm part of the operating platform is lit up, and the corresponding shutter door indicator is not lit up, it indicates that the electronic control or automatic control of the shutter door has some shortcomings.

At this time, the curtain door control button located on the operating platform should be activated immediately, and it should be lowered to the middle or bottom position. Assuming that the descending orientation indicator of the rolling shutter door fails to light up after operation, someone should be sent to the scene to check the shortcomings. It can be seen that the shutter door control of the fire control room should be lowered to the middle, bottom and rise control buttons, and should be equipped with flashing lights at the middle and bottom positions. Check the appearance of the Door rail and Door leaf for deformation and blockage, and the manual button is not well locked.