Electric shutter door maintenance methods and instructions for use

Before the curtain rises or falls, check whether the door lock is in the lifting state, and there should be no personnel and debris below the door body.

All work related to electricity must be carried out by an electrician.

When the rolling shutter door must be raised by hand, the force should be uniform, and the height of the door should not exceed the height of the electric. After the hand chain is used, check whether the pressure chain plate (brake plate) is restored to the original position.

Clean lubricating oil is regularly added to the transmission chain and track.

Continuous operation of the motor shall not exceed 5 minutes.

Replace the battery when the remote control handle signal is weak.

The remote control handle shall not be knocked, and shall not be affected by moisture and water.

Regularly check the door lock, guide rail cleaning, remote control handle, transmission chain, etc., pay attention to operation safety during inspection.

In case of failure, stop rolling curtain operation in time, and call for repair in time.