Fireproof rolling shutter door instruction manual

< div > < span > a, product introduction < / span > < font size = "+ 0" > 1, overview < / font > Fireproof rolling shutter door is widely used in large space Fire prevention partition of shopping malls, warehouses, factories, underground garages, hotels, buildings and other projects, which can prevent the spread of fire and ensure the safety of life and property. It is an essential supporting product in modern buildings. Fireproof rolling shutter door can be divided into three categories according to Fire grade and material: special Fire shutter, inorganic fiber composite Fire shutter and steely Fire shutter The Fire shutter series products produced by our company have passed the inspection of National Fire prevention Building Materials Supervision and Inspection Center in accordance with the national standard GB14102-2005, and their fire resistance limits all meet the requirements of the national standard, reaching the leading level of similar products.

2, structure diagram, name, code

2.1name symbol

2.11special Fire shutter TFJ

2.2.2inorganic fiber compound Fire shutter WFJ

2.2.3steely Rolling Shutter Door GFJ

2.3 Code

2.4Fireproof rolling shutter door Size

The Fire shutter installed by our company can be designed according to the actual situation on site or produced according to user needs.

Two, product parameters 1, Fire prevention type motor

1.1 Voltage: 380V

1.2 Power: 180-750W

1.3 Motor opening and closing speed: 2-7.5m/min

1.4 Weight decline speed: ≤9.5m/min

1.5 Working conditions: ambient temperature -40-50℃; Ambient humidity ≤90% (25℃); No corrosive gas and dust; A place free from violent vibration and shock; Short-time working system: Continuous operation shall not exceed single-phase 10 minutes, three-phase 20 minutes.

1.6 Mechanical life: ≥2000 times

2, control box

2.1 Voltage: AC380V (+10%, -15%) 50HZ

2.2 Motor capacity: ≤3KW

3, fire resistance

3.1special Fire shutter ≥3h

Installation method (depending on the guide rail installation)

According to the building structure, it is divided into three installation methods: wall side, wall middle, half side and half middle, and special structures can be designed according to the special installation method on site.

Four, installation and debugging process

End plate assembly - reel - curtain - guide rail - lintel - electric control part - debugging - linkage with fire control center.

Five, use methods and precautions:

1, the basic conditions of use: Fireproof rolling shutter door for fire protection facilities, shall not be used for other purposes. The Fire shutter can be put into use only after it is installed and the travel adjustment and other parts are confirmed to be correct.

2. Before opening and closing, check whether there are obstacles that hinder the operation of the rolling curtain before starting. If there is abnormal sound during operation, the operation should be stopped immediately.

3. Operation of button switch: press the "Down" button when the curtain needs to be lowered, press the "up" button when it needs to be moved up, and press the "Stop" button when it needs to be stopped.

4, manual opening and closing operation: generally used in the absence of electricity, when the curtain needs to fall, just pull down the clutch pull rod at the tail of the motor, the curtain can fall slowly by its own weight, the curtain needs to rise, pull the hand-pulled chain can rise.

5, Note: manual opening and closing and electric can not be used at the same time, when the rolling shutter door is opened and closed, it is strictly prohibited to stand under the door or there are other obstacles.

Six, maintenance, maintenance:

1, the first use should be in accordance with the installation requirements to check whether the parts are perfect, and then use the manual button to control the curtain up and down, and check whether the wiring phase sequence is correct, if there is an abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop the check, after no error, can be put into normal use.

2. During on-site manual debugging or use, the operator should be serious and not leave the site at will.

3, after the use of operation, due to some reason caused by the re-power supply, remember to check the new three-phase electrical phase sequence, be sure to be the same as the original power supply phase sequence, so as not to cause curtain backrolling, damage other parts.

4, in the normal use of the process, such as manual chain winding or handle lifting curtain door, must pay attention to the top and lower limit position of the curtain plate, must be set aside a certain distance (to 12cm) to prevent damage to the limiter.

5, there is no debris in the guide rail of the rolling shutter door, the groove should be kept clean, and butter should be added once every quarter.

6, rolling shutter drive chain and other devices, should be immediately filled with lubricating oil, it is strictly prohibited to drip water, acid, alkali and so on.

7, Fireproof rolling shutter door should be responsible for the regular lifting operation experiment. Non-firefighting or full-time personnel shall not activate Fireproof rolling shutter door at will.

8, Fireproof rolling shutter door in debugging or use, pedestrians are strictly prohibited under the door to stay and pass through, and stacked items are prohibited under the door to hinder the operation of the curtain.

9, roll door machine to prevent moisture, to prevent acid and alkali corrosion, to prevent impact and so on.