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steely Fire and smoke proof rolling shutter door(Lateral direction type)

Product characteristics

Lateral direction type composite steely Fire and smoke shutter is another novel Fire shutter product based on the composite typesteely Fire shutter. It is composed of shaft cage box, push-out shaft, winding shaft, upper sliding shaft, lower guide rail, barge wheel, motor (2 sets), etc. Super span, arc or multi-direction type ultra-low space installation is the advantage of Lateral direction composite Fire shutter. The product has good fire prevention, smoke prevention, heat insulation, anti-theft functions, and the fire control center to implement linkage, while equipped with manual control and electric opening and closing device. The products have been tested according to GB14102-9 "Fire shutter" standard, and the fire resistance time is more than 3 hours, and its performance has reached the national inspection standard.

Scope of use

Suitable for large span, curved, low space occasions fire separation, such as atrium, underground parking garage and other places.

Class type and performance indicators

1. According to the national standard GFYJ-300300-F3-Cx-D-80 to develop conditions, fire resistance: fire time more than 180min without loss of integrity; The maximum heat radiation intensity at 3m of the back fire surface is 0.45w/cm, without losing heat insulation. According to the back fire surface as the judging condition, the highest average temperature rise of 104.8 degrees, the highest single point temperature rise of 131.7 degrees, without loss of heat insulation, can be used according to the special fire shutter door, can add Water-spray type spray device.

2. Single diaphragm span maximum size: W≤35000mm, H≤5000mm.

3. Wind pressure resistance: 120 type curtain B=3m, mid-span deflection ≤60m.

4. Average noise: less than 60dB.