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Cold chain insulation door

Product characteristics

Cold chain insulation shutter is designed and produced according to "Fire shutter" (GB14102-2005) and related enterprise standards. It has the function of heat preservation and insulation, and can maintain the temperature requirements of the room.

Scope of use

Suitable for industrial plants, air conditioning workshops, warehouses and other places with thermal insulation requirements; Suitable for steel structure, concrete and other special walls.

Class type and performance indicators

(1) The thermal insulation roller curtain adopts recombination curtain plate and is filled with thermal insulation rock wool;

(2) There is a seal under the bottom beam of the machine in the guide rail to meet the requirements of heat preservation;

(3) The size of the reel, reel and case cover shall be determined by the size of the opening.

Average opening and closing speed (mm/min) : 2 ~ 9m

Average noise of opening, closing and running: ≤75dB