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steely recombination Fire and smoke proof rolling shutter door

Product characteristics

(1) recombination typesteely Fire prevention curtain is made of the main curtain plate and the auxiliary curtain plate, which has the characteristics of smooth surface, no welding, high strength and so on.

(2) The middle is filled with aluminum silicate fiber felt, which has good flame retardant and heat insulation effect, greatly reducing the heat radiation of the back fire surface, and has superior performance. And it can save the water curtain protection system and meet the partition function of all kinds of first-level Fire prevention zones. The recombination typesteely Fire shutter can operate independently with its own smoke and temperature detector or the building's central fire control system can be networked. According to GB14102-2005 "Fire shutter" test, the fire resistance time is more than 3 hours.

Scope of use

Fire prevention partition for industrial and civil buildings to control the spread of fire.

Class type and performance indicators

(1) The opening and closing transmission device of Fire shutter can be installed on the left or right side indoors or the left or right side outdoors according to installation conditions and application requirements.

(2) When adopting the Fire shutter, the position of the transmission mechanism should be considered to avoid collision with the building components.

(3) For the installation of Fire shutter and wall, expansion bolts can be connected or embedded parts can be welded. For existing buildings, expansion bolts can be connected on concrete walls or concrete columns, and the installation strength should be ensured to meet the design requirements.

(4) The power supply and signal line shall be provided by the electrical installation to the distance of 1000mm from the electric control box.