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Fast rolling door

Product characteristics

1. Use polyvinyl chloride coated polyester cloth or transparent PVC plate to roll the curtain. It consists of a curtain surface, a guide rail, a reel, a winder, a case cover and an electrical control box. Fast opening and closing speed, up to 70m/min. In addition to the general configuration, the rapid rolling curtain is also equipped with infrared safety devices, airbag switches and so on.

2. Transparent rolling shutter door, PVC transparent soft curtain, flat open type transparent soft door, with thermal insulation, heat insulation, dust proof, sound insulation, anti-odor, anti-impact, high-speed switch, safety and reliability. It can greatly meet the high efficiency of logistics and the cleanliness of the place, and save energy and improve the air conditioning effect. High-speed automatic closing, improve working efficiency, create an excellent working environment. High safety, very little maintenance needs, no need to interrupt the work after the impact.

4. When the forklift hits the bottom edge of the door body, it will not be damaged due to the resistance of the track, and the door body will stop running immediately. In a very short time, the curtain will easily re-enter the rail, and the door will be used normally again. With the soft hem system, there is no need for expensive maintenance and spare parts, and long waiting stops are a thing of the past.

Scope of use

Suitable for places such as warehouses, nosocomium, chemicals and supermarkets that require door curtains to open and close quickly.

Class type and performance indicators

Average opening and closing speed (mm/min) :30000 ~ 72000

Average noise of opening, closing and running :≤85dB

Power supply: three-phase, 380V, two-phase, 220v