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Industrial lift door

Product characteristics

1.Fast and flexible operation, not only to ensure energy saving, but also to improve operational efficiency, but also conducive to environmental protection.

2. The working environment is comfortable, the wind, dust, insects and so on are blocked out, the operation of the air conditioner is stable, and the quality of the product is prevented. In addition, the odor of the workplace can be suppressed.

3. Efficient and high-speed opening and closing, reducing the waiting time for vehicle access, and easy to reset and repair, in case the vehicle hits the door curtain, it can also return to normal in a short time.

4. High air tightness and fast opening and closing reduce the flow of internal and external air, avoid the ineffective operation of air conditioning, so as to achieve energy saving.

Scope of use

Sliding door It is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, electronics, printing, supermarkets and other factories with high cleanliness requirements and regional isolation.