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Fire prevention Explosion-proof rolling shutter door

Product characteristics

steely explosion-proof roller curtain is designed and produced according to the "Code for Design of electric devices in explosion and fire danger Environment" (GB50058) and the enterprise standard "GFBJ typesteely explosion-proof Roller Curtain" (Q/IIDW10-2000). Take explosion-proof measures on the electrical and moving parts of the roller curtain to make it meet the explosion-proof requirements. By the national explosion-proof electrical product quality supervision and inspection test center, and issued steely explosion-proof roller curtain products explosion-proof certificate.

Scope of use

It is suitable for use or storage of flammable gases, volatile chemicals and other high-ignition materials such as Factory and warehouse where explosion and fire may occur.

Class type and performance indicators

1. Explosion-proof class: IIB.IIC class T1-T4 group flammable gas, vapor and air mixture formed explosive mixture place.

2. Average speed of opening and closing 2-9m/min. Power supply: 280V,50Hz.

3. The electrical accessories and wires used meet the requirements of explosion-proof.

4. The laying and connection of electrical accessories and wires are in accordance with flameproof technical specifications.