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Industrial windproof curtain

Product characteristics

Windproof curtain door is a high-strength Storm door specially designed for coastal typhoon areas and inland sandstorm areas in China. The windproof curtain plate is made of a one-time cold rail with high-strength galvanized sheet, which has the functions of typhoon resistance, skid prevention, rain prevention, moisture proof, noise insulation, cold prevention, temperature prevention, sun protection and sand prevention.

Most of the former factory doors were Sliding doors, and the geosyncline below the door affected the entry and exit of vehicle personnel, and it was easy to be filled with garbage, affecting the sliding of the door body. The door body is heavy, manual opening is very laborious, difficult to install electric devices. After switching to the general roll surface is easy to be blown off by the wind, which affects the whole structure of the house, bringing huge economic losses to the user, for which our factory has launched a new wind hook of high strength wind resistance electric roll door.

The windproof hook can effectively hook the guide rail in the guide rail to prevent the curtain from derailing under strong wind pressure. When the door is rolled up, the wind hook will bounce back and be flat, which has no effect on the door.

Scope of use

Suitable for industrial and civil buildings with wind pressure requirements of rolling curtains.

type and performance indicators

The product is used in coastal areas and special places where the geographical location of buildings is often affected by seasonal strong winds.

Average speed of opening and closing (mm/min) : 2000 ~ 9000;

Average noise of opening, closing and running: ≤75dB

Power supply: three-phase, 380V, two-phase, 220v